Day 9: Duck Pass to Squaw Lake

I am currently sitting on top of a 100 foot cliff watching the sun go down over the ridge before me. In the distance are 2 distinct ridge lines off far away mountains engulfed in an orange haze.

We took today easy after yesterday’s ferocious pace. We still have 26 miles until our next resupply at Muir Trail Ranch. I figure we should be there in about 3 days, easy.

I can hear the water rush through the canyon below, the birds calling out, the wind in the trees. It’s so calm and peaceful out here, so easy to get lost in one’s thoughts!

It’s as if I am living in a dream and tomorrow I will have to wake up and find a new job, and have a family, and send the kids to college. The time moves so fast in the outside world. But right now, right here on this ledge, the only thing moving is the sun as it slowly makes its way across the horizon. And for now, I’m in heaven.