Day 8: Reds Meadow to Duck Pass

We hiked 10 miles today to Duck Pass. After the rest day we were feeling pretty good and made great time - 4.5 hours.

I finished reading Into Thin Air about climbing Mount Everest today. It’s pretty crazy. Just one small mistake and everything can go wrong. Lucky for us, Mount Whitney, which we are climbing, is well traveled, so it should be relatively easy to get up. The hardest part is pooping in these bags they gave us. My aim isn’t particularly good.

Back to Everest - I don’t think I would ever attempt the summit, but it would be cool to go to base camp and see the mountain. That would be enough for me, just to see the summit and know that someone has been there. It’s the same fascination I feel when looking at the moon and, one day, maybe mars.

We finished off the day with a 375 mL bottle of Jim Beam that I sent with the resupply to Reds. We shared it with some folks and played cards as the sun set on the horizon. All in all, another good day.