Day 7: Zero Day in Reds Meadow/Mammoth

Will and I took the morning bus from Reds Meadow to Mammoth Lakes. We then spent the day eating pizza and charging our electronics, so nothing much.
The highlight was when we got back to Reds Meadow, our home for 2 days now. We met a fantastic couple from London who were a blast to talk to. They even gave me tips of a few places in London to go to when I visit in a month - The Slaughtered Lamb and Ain’t Nothing but the Blues.  
A woman from New Jersey had walked for 6 days with glow sticks, so we proceeded to have a rave at 8:30 PM. Hikers go to bed early.
After 2 25 oz. Budweiser tall boys and a burger from a generous car camper I would say I am ready to hit the trail again.