Day 6: Garnett Lake to Reds Meadow

We made it to Reds Meadow and let me tell you, it’s wonderful. We did laundry, took a shower, and are now talking to a guy hiking the PCT who goes by the name Cyclops. He’s pretty nuts, but fun to talk to.
Tomorrow we’re going to take a 0 day and go into Mammoth. It should be good to take a day off, especially after the 15 miles we did today.
We were talking about why you hike today. Cyclops said it’s masochism, which it is to an extent. 
The thing I like about hiking is the humility. Every mountain you go over you think you’ll feel so big for having conquered it, but looking out over the miles of wilderness stretched before you…you feel so, so small. It’s a humbling thought.
I finally got some news in Reds -> looks like we got Trump vs. Hillary, ugh.
It’s like choosing between vomiting and diarrhea…
Today we hiked past Devil’s Postpile which was cool, however all it really is is more rocks, which I’ve seen plenty of.