Day 5: Donohue Pass to Garnett Lake

We finally exited Yosemite National Park and entered Ansel Adams National Wilderness. Tonight we are camping at Garnett Lake at the base of Banner Peak. At 13,000 ft. the peak is nearly 3,000 feet above the lake. Despite its height, it feels close enough that I could touch the top of it.
Tomorrow we make our descent to Reds Meadow Resort 15 miles away. It’ll be a long day but it’s mainly downhill. Plus we’re going to be taking a rest day at Reds which I am very much looking forward to.
The weather out here is incredible. In Virginia summers are hot, muggy, and full of thunderstorms. Every day here is in the high 70’s or low 80’s with no humidity and not a cloud in the sky. Nights can be rather cold, it got into the low 40’s the other night.
The sun is setting over the ridge next to Banner peak so hopefully Will, the resident photographer, can get some good shots.
Dinner tonight was the standard fare, Mac ‘n Cheese with Tuna and a Snickers for dessert. Maybe we’ll get a steak in Mammoth or Reads Meadow tomorrow.