Day 15: Sapphire Lake to Mather Pass Trailhead

Today we scaled the first of four passes in four days. They are:

  1. Muir Pass 11,955 ft

  2. Mather Pass 12,100 ft

  3. Pinchot Pass 12,130 ft

  4. Glen Pass 11,978 ft

Going over Muir Pass was like entering another universe. King’s Canyon is truly spectacular. Walking by the river at the base of the canyon I could not help but marvel at each peak lining the canyon. Sheer rock faces, thousands of feet high bare their chests broadly and proudly before capitulating in fierce points. All in a row it seems like each rock is trying to outdo its neighbors.

We made a fire tonight and plan to go to bed early, there’s a lot of climbing on the agenda for tomorrow.