Day 14: Zero Day at Sapphire Lake

We took a zero day at Sapphire Lake today in the shadow of Muir Pass. It was nice to rest the feet, back and legs. I even did laundry in the lake (although it only helped a little.)

Will and I pretty much killed the day by reading and listening to music. We went on a hike but turned around when the rain started to come. To get back to camp I slid down the rocks on my feet and butt. I was going pretty slow, but in my psychedelic state I felt so giddy. I can’t remember having so much fun.

As the day wore on we chilled more and finished a bottle of Virginia Gentleman that I picked up at MTR. The lake in the afternoon sun looked like an electric blue neon sign, living up to its name.

I passed out around 8 and woke up at 11 to look at the stars. I could even see the Milky Way. I went back to sleep around midnight with the tent door open and the big dipper gazing down at me.