Day 13: King's Canyon N.P. Junction to Sapphire Lake

Today was brutal. 15 miles and two major uphill climbs have left me begging for a rest day. Lucky for me we are going to hang out here for a day before heading over Muir Pass. The effort today will be worth it when I sleep in tomorrow.

Sapphire lake is beautiful. Located at 11,000 feet at the base of Muir Pass it is sunken between Mt. Warlow to the North and the Evolution Range to the South.

Mt. Warlow is a single solitary peak sitting above 13,000 feet. In the afternoon light its appearance likens it to a pile of sand on the beach. Perfectly conical and burnt orange, the snow at it’s base could be foam from the ocean.

The Evolution range to the south, while not as tall as Warlow, are the waves to Warlow’s sand. Sitting beneath the range of mountains, all connected by a single ridge line, I feel as though I am shoulder deep in the ocean, looking up at a wave as it crests before ducking to safety under the water. But these waves never break.

It is a testament to the power, beauty, and tranquility of mother nature to form these solid rock faces more than 2000 feet above you, and to poise them on the verge of collapse, and to then leave them hanging in their fragile state.