Day 12: Marie Lake to King's Canyon N.P. Junction

We took some extra time this morning to let our things dry. Then we hiked over Selden Pass to the Muir Trail Ranch.

Muir Trail Ranch is nothing more than a conglomeration of huts. Fed by spring water they will pack in your resupply package by horse for $75. There’s a little power outlet for charging electronics, internet for a fee of $10, and “no public restrooms.” Will was disappointed to find that last one out.

The best part of MTR was the food buckets. People who send their resupply buckets to MTR tend to overpack their buckets with food. They then put the excess food in the communal buckets at MTR. So each hike that comes to MTR goes through the process of scavenging through other people’s discarded food. It’s a lot of oatmeal, but a few hidden treasures.

We camped at the footbridge that denotes King’s Canyon National Park.

We’ve now gone more than halfway on our journey and have through hiked:

  • Yosemite NP

  • Ansel Adams National Wilderness

  • John Muir National Wilderness

  • Devil’s Postpile National Monument

Still to come:

  • King’s Canyon National Park

  • Sequoia National Park