Day 11: Mono Creek to Marie Lake

Less than a mile from our destination at the base of Selden Pass we were hit with our first storm. Sensing the impending doom we began sprinting, pack on, to the lake, but we came up short. To pass the storm we tied our ground cloth (tarp) to some trees and huddled underneath with our things.

For two hours the storm unleashed its fury. The mountains reverberated with thunder, crackled with hail, and exploded with lightning. Wet and cold beneath the tarp we were powerless to the forces acting upon us.

Finally the skies cleared and we made it up to Marie Lake, which is stunning. Situated at the base of Selden Pass the lake reflects the surrounding mountains like a polished mirror.

After the day we had we decided to hit it early, considering the legion of mosquitos, it’s a good thing.

We’ve now gone 100 miles. Tomorrow we will be halfway done. Where does the time go?