Day 10: Squaw Lake to Mono Creek

As we near the halfway point at Muir Trail Ranch the days are becoming more and more routine. We normally wake up around 7am and start doing the morning ordeal of filtering water, making breakfast, and taking down the tent. We usually hit the trail by 9 or 10 at the latest.

We’ll hike until around 1 or 2 at which point we go a little ways off the trail for our hour long “siesta.”

Normally we will make it into camp at 4 or 5 in the afternoon at which point we explode our packs all over the place. Afternoon activities include filtering water, reading, and killing insects. Dinner is at 6 and bedtime is at 9 unless we have a sunset (like last night) or a fire (like tonight).

When you’re out hiking this strange transformation takes place. You transform from a sophisticated, cultured human to a man. Gone are all the unnecessary troubles of the world, replaced by the bare essentials. Food, water, and shelter, these are your goals. You are beaten down by the mountains until the only thing left is your most basic form of self.

We are all creatures on this lonely planet, trying to find our way.